How to shrink your lululemon leggings?

In recent years, Lululemon leggings have become increasingly popular among women of all ages. While the brand is well-known for its high quality and comfortable fit, many women worry about the size of their Lululemon leggings. If you’re one of those women, don’t worry! There are a few simple steps you can take to shrink your Lululemon leggings.

To shrink your Lululemon leggings, machine wash them on the hot setting and then tumble dry them on the high heat setting.

How do you shrink leggings that are too big?

If you want to shrink your leggings, you should wash them on the hottest cycle your washer can manage. This will kick-start the shrinkage in the fibers of your leggings. Then, dry them on medium heat. This is where heat control really comes into play. If you want to shrink your leggings even further, wash them on a high-heat, low-water cycle. Finally, dry them carefully. Rinse and repeat if necessary. If you’re in a pinch, you can try using a blow dryer.

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How do you shrink Lulu clothes

If you need to shrink a polyester garment, washing it in hot water and then putting it in the dryer on a high heat setting should do the trick. If you want to shrink it even more, you can try ironing it on a hot setting.

Typically, leggings are made of 100% synthetic fiber, so they don’t shrink much, if at all. The synthetic fabric also means that leggings will dry quickly, so a hang dry will probably have them dry by next day.

Can you boil leggings to shrink them?

Don’t try to deliberately shrink leggings by putting them through an extra long hot wash (boiling water) and then tossing them in the dryer on a hot setting. You’ll probably do more harm than good with these methods, and any results will be short-lived.

The dryer can cause shrinkage in leggings, so it is best to follow the instructions and lay them flat to dry. Heat can cause shrinkage generally, so the dryer is a detriment to your clothes and can cause shrinkage.

Can I size down in Lululemon leggings?

When considering sizing for compression garments, it is important to take into account the level of compression the garment offers. For garments with higher levels of compression, it is often best to size up, while for those with lower levels of compression, it is often best to stick to your true size. In styles with medium levels of compression, it can be beneficial to try both sizing up and down to see which offers the best fit.

If you’re looking for a women’s underwear size chart, here’s a helpful guide. Keep in mind that sizes can vary depending on the brand, so it’s always best to try on a few different styles and sizes to find the perfect fit.

Size Waist Hip

S/6 26 – 28″ 36 – 38″

M/8 28 – 30″ 38 – 40″

L/10 – 12 30 – 33″ 40 – 43″

XL/14 – 16 33 – 36″ 43 – 46″

How do you tell if your Lulus are too big

The item I’m wearing is comfortable and doesn’t restrict my movement. I can twist, squat, and jog in place without feeling constrained. After moving around a little bit, my clothes feel just as comfortable as they did before.

If you’re looking to exchange an item purchased online or in store, head to your closest lululemon location—our in-store Educators would be happy to help. Keep in mind, exchanges can only be completed in store and not online with our GEC. Find your closest store location HERE.

Are Lululemon leggings preshrunk?

If you’re eager to claim your spot in yoga class and don’t want to wait for your pants to air-dry, it’s perfectly fine to throw them in the dryer. According to Eustace, all of Lululemon’s pants are preshrunk. However, if you toss your pants in the dryer every time you wash them, there’s a chance they might shrink about 2 percent more.

Lululemon strongly advises against putting their clothes in the dryer. The heat from the dryer will break down the elastic fibers in the fabrics, causing them to lose their stretch retention. Machine washing cold and air drying is the best way to care for your lululemon clothes.

Do Lulu clothes shrink


We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your purchase. We want to let you know that we stand behind our product and want to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team so we can help address any issues you may have. Thank you for your continued support.

If you’re in a pinch and need to shrink your shorts quickly, pop them in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes. They should shrink a bit, making them wearable for the day. Keep an eye on them so they don’t shrink too much, and be sure to take them out as soon as the 20 minutes is up.

Can you permanently shrink leggings?

If you want to shrink your leggings, the best way to do so is by applying heat to the fibers. You can do this by adjusting the temperature on your washing machine to hot and choosing the longest wash cycle. Once they are done washing, dry them on high heat in the dryer.

Leggings are made of stretchy fabric and can be easily damaged in the dryer. The heat can warp the fibers and make them no longer fit properly. It’s best to air dry your leggings or lay them flat to dry.


There is no one definitive answer to this question. You may be able to shrink your Lululemon leggings by washing them in hot water and drying them on a high heat setting, but this could also damage the fabric. It’s always best to consult the care instructions on the garment’s tag before attempting to shrink them.

To shrink your lululemon leggings, put them in the dryer on the high heat setting for 10 minutes. Check them periodically to see if they have shrunk to the desired size. If they have, take them out and put them on. If they have not, put them back in the dryer for another 5-10 minutes.

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